New Motoman GA50 robot
November 20, 2023
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November 20, 2023

New MOTOMAN-HC30PL collaborative robot

Yaskawa launches the MOTOMAN-HC30PL, a human collaboration robot that can be used for palletizing applications, with a payload capacity of 30 kg.

The ability to work close to people saves space in equipment.

YASKAWA Electric Corporation announces the launch of a new lineup of MOTOMAN-HC30PL (30 kg payload capacity, 1600 mm reach), a model to palletizing applications such as cardboard, for the human collaboration robot series that has been developed with 10 kg and 20 kg payload capacity.

Yaskawa is working on the realization of a space-saving and flexible production line and further expansion of the application field of robots by enhancing the lineup of collaborative robots that can work side by side with workers without a safety fence around the robots.

All axes are IP 67 dust- and drip-proof. The surface is coated with acrylic urethane and the tip flange is made of stainless steel. It can also be used for applications that require washing with water for hygienic reasons.

In keeping with the safety features of the MOTOMAN-HC series, the robot is equipped with a “collaboration mode” that automatically stops when a force exceeding a preset limit is detected from the outside, eliminating the need to install safety fences. It is also designed to secure anti-pinching by keeping arm space apart: