Sigma-7 servopack

Power 30 W – 15 kW

Each servo drive ensures precise control and fast response time. All models feature a package of updated software algorithms that can automatically adjust, dampen vibration and compensate for friction, pulsation and effects. You can choose from many interfaces and options.

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Power 50 W – 7 kW

The general purpose Sigma-7 Series SGM7A is the most popular of Yaskawa's servo motors in a variety of sizes, from low to medium power.

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Power50 W – 750 W

The medium-inertia rotary servomotors of the SGM7J series have been designed for low-power applications, but can respond at rated speeds of up to 3,000 rpm.

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Power 300 W – 15 kW

SGM7G series servo motor rated speed 1500 rpm, fast and consistent performance over a wide power range.

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