With the growing need to accelerate production and remain competitive in a growing global market, the need for efficient and flexible robotic technologies is becoming a key issue for most manufacturing companies.
With the help of YASKAWA robots, work of various complexity in your company is easily automated, high quality is ensured and production efficiency is increased. We offer you to choose a robot from a wide range, which you can find by clicking here.

YASKAWA robots paves the way for a wider market:
- Simple tasks are performed much faster.
- Robots free up your skilled workforce, which can focus on more complex tasks.
- Robots deliver consistent and unchanging performance that reduces management oversight. Factors that threaten terms (retraining, shift changes, illness) have less impact on your performance.

YASKAWA robots can be easily adapted to changing conditions:
- One robot can be programmed to perform multiple tasks in one workplace - reducing process time, training and space requirements.
- Robot programming has become easier than in the past, and your employees can be trained to program even in their workplace.
- Updated robotics software and evolving technologies have expanded the capabilities of robots in recent years, allowing perform more tasks than before.

YASKAWA robots ensure high quality:
- Robotic movements are consistent and precise - often with a repeatable accuracy of 0.5 mm.
- Robots reduce the loss of productivity in repetitive jobs that results from employee fatigue.
- Employees working with robots will be more satisfied with their work.